Aims & Visions

St Luke’s Church of England School is a Christian school for the whole community. By admitting boys and girls on the basis of the proximity of their home to the school, St Luke’s CE School is fully inclusive and welcomes children and families of all faiths and none.

We aim to serve local children, parents and the community by providing an education of the highest quality within the context of Christian belief and practice.

We aim to:

  • create a caring and supportive environment where children are encouraged to persevere and to learn from their mistakes
  • inspire each and every pupil with a love of learning
  • provide an excellent grounding in reading, writing and numeracy so that all children are able to apply their skills across the curriculum and in everyday life
  • provide a broad and balanced curriculum which is responsive to individual needs, based on, but not limited by, the National Curriculum
  • promote a distinctively Christian ethos
  • root the school in the local community

Our central concern is the education of the whole child. This stems from the Christian belief that all people are made in God’s image so all are equally worthy of care and all have a valuable contribution to make to the school and wider community.

From this belief also comes a determination to meet the individual learning, social, emotional and spiritual needs of each child, through the small size of the school and the use of small teaching groups. Careful assessment of children’s skills and abilities when they join the school and continual monitoring of progress help us to plan appropriate work for children and to identify and plan for those with special educational needs.

Our vision is for an education of the highest quality, achieving good academic outcomes for pupils and producing well-rounded individuals who combine a care for others with a love for learning and an appreciation of the importance of spiritual and physical well-being.

We base our policies and procedures on our core values of:

secure foundations   —   excellent practice   —   faith, hope and love

This strap line was devised by Governors and staff in the first year of opening and underpins all the decisions we make at St Luke’s CE School.

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