St Luke’s CE School opened in September 2011 with a Reception class of 15 children. It has grown gradually; each year another 15 children have joined the Reception class as the older children have moved up the school.

The school has now reached its capacity of 105 children aged 4-11, who are arranged into four classes.

Spring Class        15 Reception children

Summer Class    15 Year 1 children & 15 Year 2 children

Autumn Class     15 Year 3 children & 15 Year 4 children

Winter Class       15 Year 5 children & 15 Year 6 children

We follow a 2-year curriculum cycle to ensure that children do not repeat topics. We use the flexibility that a small school offers to work across year groups, key stages and even across the whole school as opportunities arise.

Click here to download a PDF copy of the school prospectus.