Everyone who comes into contact with children at St Luke’s School has a role to play in their safeguarding. Our realistic and proportionate approach to safety and safeguarding is a part of our school ethos which permeates all aspects of school life and applies equally to governors, staff, visitors and volunteers. Each member of staff or volunteer:

  • is responsible for providing a safe environment for children to learn
  • is responsible for responding to concerns
  • can make a referral to Social Services
  • has a duty to persist if not satisfied with the Designated Safeguarding Lead’s response
  • should maintain an attitude of “it could happen here” and be aware of signs or indicators of abuse.

We expect all children to respect the adults who teach and care for them and in return we expect all adults to embrace their duty to protect children from any kind of harm.

Our St Luke’s CE School Safeguarding policy:

  • details the procedures for managing allegations of harm to a child
  • names key safeguarding contacts at St Luke’s School and at Camden
  • makes reference to whistle blowing procedures and to other policies related to children’s safeguarding

You can find our Safeguarding & Child Protection Policy on our Policies page.