School Development Plan

Our School Improvement Plan has been informed by review from our school improvement partners: Grow Education and our Camden Professional Partner and by on-going school review and self-evaluation led by the Senior Leadership team.

For 2018-19 our key school improvement priorities are:

SDP Priorities 2018-19

Continue to raise attainment and progress of all groups:

Continue to develop accurate tracking of progress in English and Mathematics, particularly across KS2.

Use senior teacher to help identify gaps in child’s learning and ensure that the correct support is put in place.

Develop assessment tools for Science and RE

Develop the effectiveness of Leadership & Management:

Enhance leadership skills so that all leaders create a culture that enables pupils and staff to flourish across St Luke’s and HPS

Develop new SLT and subject leaders

Provide 3 leadership ‘away days’ in an academic year as a time for reflection and self-evaluation

Revisit the school’s existing vision with whole school community and embed its core Christian values throughout the school.

Improve the curriculum:

Further develop the curriculum by introducing a new 2 Year curriculum map that makes links between subject areas and provides wider opportunities for children to excel in music, arts, IT, PE and languages.

Embed the RE syllabus across the school and develop assessment procedures.

Introduce English curriculum maps that use core texts and identify termly structure for grammar, spelling and handwriting

Improve the quality of teaching, learning and assessment:

Ensure a consistent approach and shared understanding of high quality teaching & learning is sustained with changes to staffing through clear induction, coaching and mentoring and rigorous monitoring

Enhance the ways in which marking and feedback impact on children’s learning by developing the use of next steps and pupil responses

Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare:

Review health and safety and child protection policies and refresh staff and governor training in these areas

Senior Leadership discuss vulnerable pupils each week and agree and review effectiveness of mechanisms to support children

Continue to develop children and parents understanding of safety in relation to the new guidance in Keeping Children Safe in Education (Sept 18) including the use of new safer user agreements for all stakeholders.