School Development Plan

Our School Improvement Plan has been informed by review from our school improvement partners in Grow Education, our Camden Professional Partner and by on-going school review and self-evaluation led by the Senior Leadership Team (SLT).

For 2023-24 our key school improvement priorities are:

Quality of Education:

  • To maintain the excellence in attainment and progress and to ensure opportunities for greater depth and mastery
  • To continue to support ECTs and Subject leaders.
  • To ensure all children’s needs are met through quality first teaching and additional support is in place for lower 20% of pupils.
  • To ensure all teachers are teachers of SEND
  • To continue to develop outward facing partnership work.

Leadership & Management:

  • To ensure safeguarding arrangements are used consistently and effectively at all times by all stakeholders.
  • To ensure that leaders at all levels demonstrate a deep and accurate understanding of the school’s effectiveness, informed by a rigorous cycle of work scrutinies and the views of all stakeholders.
  • Subject leaders to review curriculum mapping.

Personal Development, Behaviour and Attitudes

  • To continue to develop an understanding of Keeping Children Safe in Education and maintain rigorous safeguarding procedures.
  • To ensure coaching and mentoring is available to staff at all levels to ensure staff well-being and good mental health.
  • Senior Leadership to discuss vulnerable pupils each week and agree and review effectiveness of mechanisms to support children.
  • To continue to develop high expectations of behaviour for learning.
  • To ensure children have the language to confidently express their views in relation to all aspects of safeguarding.

Christian Character and Vision:

  • To develop a whole school understanding of the ‘Big Story of the Bible’.
  • To continue to support children in developing religious literacy and implement new LDBS RE scheme of work.
  • To ensure the Christian Vision continues to drive all aspects of school life and has a profound impact on all within our community.

Effectiveness of Early Years:

  • To create an enabling environment that meets the needs of all learners and provides challenge in all areas of learning.
  • To effectively use the Reception baseline assessments and ongoing assessments to effectively track progress and ensure all children meet ELG.