Relationships and Sex Education

At St Luke’s CE School, we aim to prepare our children to grow up as responsible, capable and informed adults.

Our programme of personal, social, health and citizenship education (PHSE) includes relationship and sex education.

Through a programme of focused teaching in Year 5, we prepare children for the changes that take place during puberty and in Year 6, the children learn about human reproduction in a forum where questions about sexuality and reproduction can be asked and answered simply, honestly and without judgement.

Our school nurse assists the class teacher in the delivery of these sessions and our Sex and Relationship policy can be found on the policies page of the website.

Before the programme starts in Years 5 and 6, we hold parent information sessions so you can learn about the topics we teach and it gives you an opportunity to ask any questions and raise any issues you deem relevant.

As parents, you are within your rights to withdraw your child/ren from all or part of sex education. In this school we teach some sex education in Year 6, that is in addition to statutory National Curriculum for Science. We define sex education as teaching about sexual intercourse, in the context of learning about how a baby is made, and having a basic understanding of pregnancy and how the baby develops. If you do have any concerns, we encourage you to speak to the Head of School to discuss them.